Jennifer Runkle: Highlights 2015

Climate Assessments

  • USGCRP Climate and Health Report: Provided editorial and project support for all aspects of TSU support for this report. As chapter coordinator and contributing author of the Extreme Events chapter, developed content for the chapter and coordinated responses to approximately 150 comments from the public, the NRC, and Federal agencies.


    Estimated fatalities and billion dollar losses from extreme weather events. From the public comment draft of the USGCR Climate and Health Assessment.

  • Coauthor for the NOAA State Summaries project. Successfully completed 24 state summaries, with the majority in preparation for review or already sent out for Regional Climate Center/State Climatologist review.

Climate Literacy, Outreach, Engagement, and Communications

  • Along with Jim Fox at the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center at the University of North Carolina Asheville (NEMAC), gave a talk on the Climate and Health Report and its connection with The Third National Climate Assessment to the Asheville Science Tavern.

Reference Environmental Data Records

  • With the support of NEMAC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Climate and Health Program, and the Medical University of South Carolina, successfully submitted a NOAA Climate Program Office SARP proposal to address Coastal Hospital Resilience. The results of this study will inform coastal hospitals of how climate and weather data can be used to determine gaps in their preparedness plans and develop evidence-based climate-ready strategies to mitigate coastal flooding vulnerability.