Jonathan Brannock

Jonathan Brannock

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Jonathan Brannock joined NCICS in March 2012 and is NCICS's information technology support specialist, responsible for design and support of all information technology infrastructure associated with NCICS operations, including networking, software, desktops and servers. He is always looking for new technologies, techniques, and best practices to apply towards the institute's goals and challenges. This includes integrating emerging technologies and adapting existing workflows to cloud-compatible design patterns.

He has been involved in supporting NOAA’s Big Data Program through piloting the institute's role as Data Broker. He supports cloud data ingestion, access, and dissemination of dozens of NOAA datasets totalling petabytes of data across all three of the major cloud platforms. He is responsible for implementing reliable and scalable data flows that take advantage of each cloud service provider's technologies and strengths.

Mr. Brannock has been working at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) since he was in high school, when he interned with the NCEI IT networking team. Prior to joining NCICS, he was employed by STG, Inc., to support NCEI infrastructure operations as the lead hardware technician.

He has an associate degree in Applied Sciences majoring in networking technologies from Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Development from Western Governors University.



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