Otis Brown

Otis Brown

Satellite Remote Sensing, Climate Policy, Engagement, Resilience Phone: +1 828.257.3001 Email: Otis_Brown@ncsu.edu Orcid: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3111-1507


Dr. Brown’s specialties are the development of quantitative methods for the processing and use of satellite remotely-sensed observations to study Earth System processes, with a focus on ocean color and infrared observations, satellite oceanography, and the development and application of new approaches to study climate variability, stakeholder engagement, and resiliency. Historically, his experimental focus was on western boundary current variability, however, recently his interests have shifted to areas of observable climate change impact and approaches to developing resiliency. This latter effort includes use of longer term space-based observations to quantify the impacts of climatic variability, the engagement of stakeholders, and developing decision tools to support resiliency. He collaborated with Professor Mary Doyle at the University of Miami to found the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy as a sustainable approach to the training of the next generation of Earth System managers and researchers.

Dr. Brown is the founding Director of NCICS and a Research Professor in the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at NC State University. He is also a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.



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