Sarah Champion

Sarah Champion

National Climate Assessment data architect Phone: +1 828.271.4135 Email: Orcid: Highlights 2015


Sarah Champion received her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and Master of Science degree in Meteorology from The Naval Postgraduate School, while serving on active duty with the U.S. Air Force. Her graduate research focused on Climatology and Long Range Forecasting, where she developed a probabilistic long-range forecast for the Department of Defense for Southwest Asia. These forecasts were later transitioned into operational forecasts and are still a current climatological product, produced by the 14th Weather Squadron.

Sarah has worked with NCEI since 2010, serving as Actions Officer/Assistant to the Deputy Director for NCEI with the Director’s Office, and transitioned to the Technical Support Unit for the National Climate Assessment in September 2012, as the Scientific Program Coordinator. Her current position, as the Data Architect, oversees the management of all data for assessments, including transparency, curation, archival, and leading the team responsible for the underlying infrastructure to support all of these facets. Sarah is also pursuing a PhD in Atmospheric Science from North Carolina State University, with research focused on extreme precipitation impacts to infrastructure design values.

Ms. Champion joined NCICS as a Research Scholar in January 2014.



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