Sarah Champion: Highlights 2015

Climate Assessments

  • Successful collection of all metadata and copyright permissions for the Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment:
    • first success of its kind
    • proof of concept of end-to-end metadata collection process executed by participating report authors, guided by TSU
    • 62 figures with 110 individual images in total, and 7 data sets
  • Full documentation of original metadata for the NOAA NESDIS Technical Report Regional Surface Climate Conditions in CMIP3 and CMIP5 for the United States: Differences, Similarities, and Implications for the U.S. National Climate Assessment
    • 78 figures, each with as many as 8 individual images, and 4 data sets
  • Ongoing coordination of first-ever U.S. State Climate Summary project, detailing climate change projections for each state
    • Co-authoring content
    • Coordinating graphics development (as many as 12 graphics per state)
    • Co-coordinating review between Regional Climate Center Directors and State Climatologists
    • Co-coordinating formal NOAA-level review



Image11113_fmt Sample draft layout of the NOAA State Climate Summary report for New Mexico.