Xia Sun

Xia Sun

Phone: Email: xsun8@ncsu.edu


Xia Sun joined NCICS in August 2022 as a climate data analyst with the National Climate Assessment Technical Support Unit. After earning her bachelor’s degree from Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, also known as Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Xia at-tended North Carolina State University, where she continued her research in Atmospheric Science with enthusiasm. During her master’s study, Xia focused on coupling the atmospheric Weather Research and Fore-casting (WRF) model with a modified oceanic POM model and adapting the completed version to carry out regional weather and climate research over Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa. Since then, Xia has been actively participated in the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programs aiming to en-hance the understanding of East African climate variability and change. In 2021, Xia completed her PhD study in Atmospheric Science, with a minor in Statistics. Her doctoral research has revolved around increasing preseason hurricane forecast accuracy. She developed and improved a probabilistic model to better predict the Atlantic hurricane season with optimization through machine learning techniques. Since 2017, the developed model has been used for hurricane forecast and Xia has been participating in releasing the hurricane season outlooks around mid-April every year. Additionally, her projects also involved numerical modeling simulations of tropical cyclones, and long-term climate predictions for different areas, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and visualization. At this point, Xia is more broadly interested in hurricane forecast, climate change, numerical modeling and data analysis.



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