TSU Staff

NCICS provides most of the staff for the National Climate Assessment Technical Support Unit. Our scientists and technical experts work closely with NOAA colleagues and federal contractors, under the direction of Dave Easterling of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). NCEI’s Communications and Outreach Branch also provides significant support for TSU activities.

Jim Biard

Software Engineer Affiliation: NCIS Email: jbiard@cicsnc.org Tel: +1 828.271.4900

Sarah Champion

Data Architect, Team Lead Affiliation: NCICS Email: smchampi@ncsu.edu Tel: +1 828.271.4135

Dave Easterling

Director, National Climate Assessment Technical Support Unit Affiliation: NOAA NCEI Email: david.easterling@noaa.gov Tel: +1 828.271.4675

Jessicca Griffin

Visual Communications Specialist Affiliation: NCICS Email: jgriffin@cicsnc.org Tel: +1 828.271.4919

Kate Johnson

Web Developer & GIS Specialist Affiliation: General Dynamics IT Email: kate.johnson@noaa.gov Tel: +1 828.271.4570

Kenneth Kunkel

Lead Scientist, Supervisor Affiliation: NCICS Email: Ken.Kunkel@noaa.gov Tel: +1 828.257.3137

Angel Li

Senior Web Developer Affiliation: NCICS Email: angel@cicsnc.org Tel: +1 828.271.4688

Thomas Maycock

Science Editor Affiliation: NCICS Email: tmaycock@cicsnc.org Tel: +1 828.271.4272

Andrea McCarrick

Technical Editor Affiliation: NCICS Email: almccarr@ncsu.edu Tel: +1 828-257-3146

Tiffany Means

Technical Editor Affiliation: NCICS Email: tnmeans@ncsu.edu Tel: +1 828.271.4904

Laura Stevens

Research Scientist Affiliation: NCICS Email: laura.stevens@cicsnc.org Tel: +1 828.257.3006

Brooke Stewart

Managing Editor, Team Lead Affiliation: NCICS Email: Brooke.Stewart@noaa.gov Tel: +1 828.257.3020

Liqiang Sun

Deputy Lead Scientist Affiliation: NCICS Email: liqiang.sun@noaa.gov Tel: +1 828.257.3162

Andrew Thrasher

Software Engineer Affiliation: NCICS Email: athrasher@cicsnc.org Tel: +1 828.257.4011

Sara Veasey

NCEI Visual Communications Team Lead Affiliation: NOAA NCEI Email: sara.veasey@noaa.gov Tel: +1 828.271.4383