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A storm from history that occurred on July 17

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Storms ocurring in the last 60 days:
A random storm from history that occured today EP 2024184N15261 ( 35/1005) ALETTA
NA 2024178N09335 (145/ 934) BERYL
NA 2024177N10305 ( 35/1005) CHRIS
NA 2024169N18271 ( 45/ 993) ALBERTO
WP 2024152N20113 ( 29/ 995) MALIKSI
NI 2024147N19089 ( 54/ 978) REMAL
WP 2024146N11126 ( 93/ 957) EWINIAR
SI 2024141S02075 ( 35/1002) SH25
SI 2024138S09053 ( 60/ 989) IALY

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