Current Internship Opportunities

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Current Internship Opportunities

NCICS is currently seeking a student interested in a remote internship.

Please review the project needs below and, if interested, apply through the NCSU Jobs site links at the end of the description (do not email applications). In your cover letter, please be sure to note any relevant training.

Statistical Analysis Internship

Extreme values modeling and estimation are a key challenge in climate data analysis. Understanding the statistical properties of extremes in a climate data set is of high interest to scientists, planners and engineers. The characterization of the distribution and frequency of the extreme values is used to answer questions on how often certain climatic phenomena would occur and whether there are trends in the data. This research project involves describing and discussing approaches for various statistical methods involved in estimating extremes. Specifically, the project will entail analyzing precipitation data at a state level using a generalized extreme value analysis method and comparing it with other extreme value analysis methods.

This will be a paid, part-time internship position, working remotely. For details and to apply, please go to:

Other Applications

To apply for an unpaid internship position, please submit the following materials to
  1. Cover letter, including:
    • Proposed project plan based on an NCICS program area (visit our Expertise< and Portfolio pages for additional information) or a statement of general interest
    • Brief description of prior experience and interest
    • Proposed dates for the internship
  2. Official information regarding approved enrollment or participation in an internship program with a school/home institution, if applicable
  3. Recommendation letter
  4. Most recent transcripts
  5. Resume

For questions, email: