Other Grants

In addition to support from NOAA and the Department of Defense SERDP program, NCICS receives funding from NASA, the National Science Foundation, and several private-industry project awards.

Examples of recent and ongoing grants and projects include:

  • A collaborative NSF project on water sustainability and climate change. NCICS scientists are evaluating findings from a CMIP5 retro-analyses to evaluate and recommend societal options for promoting future freshwater sustainability across the Sunbelt.
  • A NASA-funded project on the effect of atmospheric Kelvin waves on tropical cyclone activity around the globe.
  • Funding from a private sector partner to develop a statistical model to forecast wind power in Germany.
  • Participation in an NSF-funded multi-institutional collaboration studying urban resilience to climate-driven extreme events.
  • Separate NASA awards to investigate multi-scale interactions between the Madden-Julian oscillation, equatorial waves, and the diurnal cycle over the Maritime Continent and to develop climate indicators to track the seasonal evolution of the Arctic sea ice cover.