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Current Employment Opportunities

NCICS’s diverse workforce of researchers, technical experts, post-docs, and support staff engage in a range of research projects and collaboration activities with the fundamental goal of enhancing our collective interdisciplinary understanding of the state and evolution of the full Earth System. The Institute is located in downtown Asheville, NC, and we are co-located with the headquarters of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

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Current Job Postings

Senior Research Scientist (Research Scholar)

The Senior Research Scientist will provide innovative scientific contributions to the Institute in two climate science project areas. The first project will develop a rapid response capability to evaluate the causes of extreme climate events in collaboration with several NOAA agencies. The second project provides foundational climate science support for the sustained National Climate Assessment. The Senior Research Scientist will also serve as a science leader within the Institute on climate research topics and will develop proposals for extramural funding.

Climate Assessment Analyst (Research Associate)

The Climate Assessment Analyst will work within the Technical Support Unit that assists the U.S. Global Change Research Program in the production of National Climate Assessment (NCA) products, including comprehensive quadrennial reports, special reports, and foundational climate science products.

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