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NCICS’s diverse workforce of researchers, technical experts, post-docs, and support staff engage in a range of research projects and collaboration activities with the fundamental goal of enhancing our collective interdisciplinary understanding of the state and evolution of the full Earth System. The Institute is located in downtown Asheville, NC, and we are co-located with the headquarters of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. See Why Work at NCICS? for more on what we do and why you might want to join our team.

Current Job Postings

Software Engineer

The Software Engineer will provide expertise in scientific programming and data analytics to address the software engineering needs of the Institute and its NOAA Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies in North Carolina (CISESS NC) projects and activities in on-premises and cloud venues. Some of the key tasks planned for this position include:

  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining coding and processing strategies, guidelines, and architectural design in support of project system engineering efforts.
  • Supporting integration of climate datasets into existing frameworks for access, data analysis, and evaluation.
  • Supporting on-premises and cloud-based project implementation.
  • Planning, developing, and implementing quality assurance, evaluation, and troubleshooting tools and applications to ensure accessibility and integrity of datasets and other end products to meet strict configuration and security controls applied to all codes, products, and documentation.
  • Applying and maintaining software and product metadata.
  • Developing innovative analytical solutions to support the development and analysis of high quality, large-scale research datasets needed for CISESS NC projects and assessment activities.
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining tools for internal and external management of data, report drafts, report reviews, and author resources.

Please see the job listing on the NC State website for more information on tasks and requirements and instructions on applying.

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