NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson (left) meets with NOAA NCEI Deputy Director Joe Pica (right).

Dr. Randy Woodson, Chancellor of NC State University, visited the offices of NCICS and NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) during a recent trip to Asheville. During his time here, he met with NCICS staff to provide some updates on activities at the university level, learn more about what we do, and congratulate the team on being selected to continue as the North Carolina host of a NOAA Cooperative Institute.

Dr. Woodson also met with NCEI Deputy Director Joe Pica to learn more about NCEI’s mission and the relationship between NCICS and NCEI. Pica emphasized the growing demand for trusted, authoritative environmental information and highlighted the importance of NCEI’s data and related science activities for solving big problems, including problems that may not be recognized yet.

Pica regards NCEI as a steward of information for future generations, and views NCICS both as a key partner in that mission and as a source of innovative new solutions.

Chancellor Woodson addresses NCICS staff.

NCICS staff introduce themselves to Chancellor Woodson.

Chancellor Woodson (left) and NCEI Deputy Director Pica (right) discussed the importance of innovation and preserving environmental information for future generations.