From left to right: Matt Menne, two students, Jessica Matthews, Principal Brad Johnson, and Jenny Dissen participate in the installation of a new weather station at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina.

On November 15, staff from NCICS and NOAA NCEI joined faculty, staff, and students from Isaac Dickson Elementary School (IDES) to install an automated, wireless weather observation station on the campus of the school. Information from the station will be displayed on a screen, which will show both real-time data and historical changes over time. The goal is to broaden the students’ exposure to weather and climate data and analysis and to foster discussions of the value of this information as part of the school’s program on understanding climate impacts and opportunities.

Jessica Matthews and Jenny Dissen from NCICS were on hand for the installation, along with Matt Menne from NCEI, who also serves on the parent-teacher organization at IDES. They joined IDES Principal Brad Johnson and several teachers and students to help with the installation.

Menne and several NCICS scientists and staff are currently working on plans to expand this weather monitoring network to other schools in Asheville and Buncombe County.

Students at Isaac Dickson Elementary School attend the installation of a weather observing station on the school campus.

Jessica Matthews of NCICS (back row, right) joins students at Isaac Dickson Elementary School.

Part of the new weather station in place at Isaac Dickson Elementary School.

Matt Menne describes the weather station instruments.

Matt Menne (left), Principal Johnson (right), and two students assemble the solar-powered, wireless weather station.

Testing the wireless data feed.