Identifying Business / Industry Needs for Resilience Planning

2013 November Program

Business leaders and environmental managers charged with delivering products and services understand weather and climate conditions as both a risk and an opportunity.  While weather conditions affect day-to-day operations and decisions, these conditions also affect the planning and design of longer-term strategy, operations and other value-chain functions. In a highly competitive economic climate, leaders must incorporate climate trends shaping and impacting the industry today and for the future.

Much is known about the Earth’s climate system and its impacts on existing operations, environment and sustainability efforts.  To maintain competiveness, both emerging and established enterprises are perpetually optimizing business practices in a changing climate environment.  This requires routine understanding and evaluation of weather and climate risks particularly in light of scarce natural resources and observed secular trends in the climate system.

Designed for executives responsible for energy generation, energy delivery, and customer service at every stage, from extraction, exploration to delivery, this forum examines the weather and climate-based trends that are critical for overall risk evaluation and management.


Learning from industry peers, interacting with renowned scientific and business faculty, NOAA and its partners hope to develop and strengthen a network of researchers and practitioners that will collaborate, exchange knowledge and experience, and identify opportunities as well as risks posed by the implications of weather and climate change on our society.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the integration of weather and climate data in the broader company risk portfolio and assess exposures across the various value chain functions
  • Identify innovative opportunities in the business value chain functions through incorporating weather and climate data
  • Share practical experiences in using weather and climate data for improved strategy, operations, and management

Become part of a more well-informed business community and a climate-resilient society through the application of the latest weather and climate data and information.


Through a combination of interactive discussions, presentations, and break-out sessions, participants will become familiar with available weather and climate data and information, risk implications, and how to plan and invest in business resilience.  Participants will diagnose cost and revenue implications for business resilience in their context, and identify the needs for climatic information that the governmental agency should be providing.

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