NCICS at AGU 2023

Twenty eight NCICS staff are contributing to presentations, posters, town halls, and other activities at at the 2023 American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, December 11–15 in San Francisco. See below for a list of the participating staff and sessions. All times are shown in US Pacific Time.

Jessicca Allen

Jonathan Brannock

Otis Brown

David Coates

Jenny Dissen

Mark Essig

Pavel Groisman

Anand Inamdar

Katharine Johnson

Kenneth Kunkel

April Lamb

Ronald Leeper

Angel Li

Thomas Maycock

Andrea McCarrick

Revathi Muralidharan

Olivier Prat

Yuhan Douglas Rao

Charlie Reed

Jennifer Runkle

Carl Schreck

Laura Stevens

Liqiang Sun

John Uehling

Denis Willett

Scott Wilkins

Kye Wodzicki

Xiangdong Zhang