Anne Waple

Anne Waple

Climate Assessment Program Science Writer/Editor Phone: 828.257.3146 Email:


Dr. Anne Waple has worked in climate science, resilience, and adaptation for much of her career. Anne spent over 12 years in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where she led global, national, and regional “state of the climate” analysis, and more recently directed NOAA's climate assessment program for the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA). Anne directed the NCA Technical Support Unit, was Vice Chair of the Interagency National Climate Assessment Task Force, and co-chaired the development of the interagency Global Change Information System that houses the NCA information as well provides access to over 3,000 datasets. 

Anne then spent over three years as Vice President at Second Nature – a national non-profit – and while there led the development of a climate resilience framework for higher education and communities, adopted by around 100 institutions in a little over 6 months after release.  

A thread throughout Anne’s career has been science writing and editing and she has worked on hundreds of written products summarizing, synthesizing and making science accessible to lay audiences and decision makers.

Anne joined NCICS in August, 2016 as a part-time editor of NCA. Anne also runs her own consulting firm assisting communities, agencies, and institutions develop climate resilient plans and practices and to use scientific and technical information. 



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