Portfolio: Supporting NCEI User Engagement

Supporting NCEI User Engagement


NCEI engagement activities for FY 2016 by sectors.

As part of our mission to help NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) engage with existing and potential users of environmental data, NCICS’ Jenny Dissen leads or supports a variety of strategic and operational customer and stakeholder engagement activities.

Jenny works with the Information Services Division at NCEI’s Center for Weather and Climate Information Services Division and with the NCEI Data Information Services, Communications, and Outreach Team (DISCO) team, working across organizational boundaries to formulate an integrated NCEI framework for improved customer service and user engagement

Key goals are to:

  • Deliver Information — Expand and enrich the use of NCEI’s environmental information
  • Incorporate Requirements — Understand user needs and translate them into requirements
  • Partner with Providers — Strengthen networks for developing and delivering NCEI’s products and services

Recent activities include:

  • Mapping various NCEI activities to Census Bureau Economic Analysis sectors to NCEI activities and developing a sector-based prioritization for engagement efforts.
  • Working with an interdisciplinary NCEI team to develop and implement a customer relationship management solution to better capture and understand user information and requirements.