In the Media

Nov 28, 2018

‘Sobering’ Trump administration climate change report includes work from Asheville experts

Asheville Citizen Times

Oct 11, 2018

Climate Change Experts Planning For A Planet In Flux

The State of Things – Blue Ridge Public Radio

Sep 27, 2018

Climate Change Worsened 2017’s Hurricane Season From Hell, Study Finds


Sep 25, 2018

Florence is Nation’s Second Wettest Storm, Behind Harvey

Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press

Sep 14, 2018

Carl Schreck: ACC Today Interview

ACC Today Show, SiriusXM Radio

Sep 14, 2018

Some hurricane experts say global warming is contributing to storms like Florence

WLOS TV, Asheville, North Carolina

Aug 31, 2018

Dr. Bell Brings Drought Expertise to CDC Guidebook

University of Nebraska Medical Center Newsroom

Aug 26, 2018

So Far, More Heat Waves Do Not Mean More Heat Deaths

National Public Radio

Jul 18, 2018

Weather Wednesday: Understanding How Drought Conditions Are Measured

Salisbury Post, Salisbury, North Carolina

Jun 28, 2018

Record-breaking rain behind U.P. floods is something we can expect more of

Interlochen (Michigan) Public Radio

Mar 8, 2018

Em breve, um verão sem gelo marinho

Ciência e Clima

Feb 12, 2018

EPTRI to hold workshop on high resolution climate modelling from Feb 12

Webindia 123, Hyderabad, India

Feb 10, 2018

EPTRI has scheduled the workshop for 12th and 13th of February 2018 at EPTRI campus in Hyderabad

Anukshanam, India

Dec 8, 2017

Fire and Ice: California Super-Fires and Warmer Winters

Minnesota Public Radio News Climate Cast

Dec 1, 2017

Extremes and Weather: Exploring Connections with Human Health

Nov 17, 2017

A Scientist Explains the Domino Effects of Climate Change on Mental Health

Thrive Global

Sep 12, 2017

Irma, and the Rise of Extreme Rain

David Leonhardt, New York Times

Aug 31, 2017

Five reasons Harvey has been so destructive – it’s not only about climate change

The Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA

Aug 29, 2017

Harvey’s Test: Businesses Struggle With Flawed Insurance as Floods Multiply

The Wall Street Journal

Aug 28, 2017

How Hurricane Harvey Became So Destructive

New York Times

Aug 28, 2017

Why We Won’t Be Ready for the Next Hurricane Harvey Either

Time Magazine

Aug 20, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Weather Forecast: Will Clouds Block Your View?

International Business Times

Aug 20, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017: Will Clouds Affect The View?

Aug 13, 2017

What will SC weather be like on the day of the eclipse? We’re beginning to get an idea

The Island Packet, Hilton Head, SC

Aug 9, 2017

Viewing the eclipse could be difficult

FOX 19, Cincinnati, OH

Aug 9, 2017

Weather Outlook Suggests Clouds For Some During The Eclipse. If So, What Will You Experience?

Marshall Shepherd,

Aug 9, 2017

Solar eclipse 2017: What will New York’s weather be like?, New York

Aug 8, 2017

Clouds over Oregon could cover part of path for total solar eclipse

The Register-Guard, Eugene, OR

Jul 31, 2017

Will it be cloudy on Aug. 21 for the total solar eclipse?

WKRN, Nashville, TN

Jul 26, 2017

Cloudy skies could ruin your solar eclipse plans — Use this map to see how cloudy your Georgia city will be

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jul 17, 2017

A Charleston Total Solar Eclipse Buzzkill: It May Be Cloudy That Day

The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC

Jul 12, 2017

Tips for Watching the Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse

The Charlotte Observer

Jul 6, 2017

Cloudy for August’s Big Eclipse? It Could Happen

The State, Columbia, South Carolina

Jul 1, 2017

The August 21st Total Eclipse: The Meteorology is Favorable

Cliff Mass, Blog

Jun 28, 2017

Four Cool Weather Activities That You And The Kids Can Do For The 2017 Solar Eclipse

Marshall Shepherd,

Jun 23, 2017

Best Places to See Great American Solar Ecplise

Palm Beach Post

Jun 21, 2017

NASA/NOAA Solar Eclipse Briefings

NASA/C-SPAN video of press conference

Jun 16, 2017

Capital Weather Gang How to avoid clouds that could spoil the Great American Eclipse

The Washington Post

Jun 12, 2017

Will it be cloudy for the eclipse? Here’s what recent history suggests

KGW television, Portland, Oregon (TV spot and web story)

Jun 8, 2017

Solar eclipse 2017: What are the chances cloudy skies could ruin your view?, Birmingham, Alabama

May 29, 2017

How climate change could harm your health

Yale Climate Connections

May 6, 2017

River constriction and wetter climate leave area vulnerable to more frequent major floods

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Mar 10, 2017

Can Weird Winter Weather Make us Sick?

Yale Climate Connections

Mar 8, 2017

Scientists Hint at City-Specific Climate Projections in Short Time

The Times of India

Dec 2, 2016

New Weather Warnings (feat. Ken Kunkel interview)

UNC-TV: North Carolina Science Now

Oct 30, 2016

Climate Change Threatens Sewage Cleanup Plans

Louisville Courier-Journal

Oct 25, 2016

Post-Matthew Water: How Bad Is It?

North Carolina Health News

Oct 10, 2016

Climate studies: Western Wildfires Have Doubled, New York City Flood Risk Will Triple

The Christian Science Monitor

Sep 26, 2016

Climate Change and Your Health

WCQS Radio Asheville NC

Sep 24, 2016

Climate change brews big problems for coffee production

Asheville Citizen Times

Sep 1, 2016

A Catalyst for Change

WNC Magazine

Aug 17, 2016

In a Warming World, Deluges Like Louisiana’s Expected to Increase

InsideClimate News

Aug 17, 2016

Louisiana flooding: What is a 500-year flood and why is it happening so much?


Aug 16, 2016

Disasters like Louisiana floods will worsen as planet warms, scientists warn

The Guardian

Aug 16, 2016

Why the Deadly Louisiana Flood Occurred

Scientific American

Jul 22, 2016

Midwest mugginess linked to crops working up a ‘corn sweat’

Boston Herald/Associated Press

Mar 26, 2016

Asheville’s ‘impatient philanthropist’ sets sights on climate jobs

Asheville Citizen-Times

Mar 24, 2016

Scalawag magazine explores the threat of the Zika virus


Feb 17, 2016

Mountaintop removal country’s mental health crisis


Oct 29, 2015

Future shock: Designing climate-resilient buildings

Mountain Xpress

Jun 8, 2015

Can local officials who ignore new weather extremes be sued? A work in progress

Environment & Energy Publishing

Apr 25, 2015

California’s drought has lessons for South Carolina to protect key resource

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)

Feb 24, 2015

Climate Change Will Hit America in the Breadbasket, Scientists Say

NBC News

Jun 7, 2014

Climate change could change business climate

Asheville Citizen-Times

May 6, 2014

9 1 State feeling the effects of climate change


Apr 30, 2014

Extreme Rainfall Events Like Pensacola’s On the Rise

Climate Central

Aug 12, 2013

CICS-NC Produces visualizations with NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

The Weather Channel

Jul 25, 2013

New NASA Visualizations Show Two Futures of Climate Change

Jul 24, 2013

Watch US Heat Up by 2100

Jun 20, 2013

Cyclone Center


Jun 19, 2013

Cyclone Center Launches New Website

Citizen Scientists League

May 25, 2013

Severe weather partly a result of climate change

NBC Nightly News

May 21, 2013

As Jet Stream Moved North, Moist Air Barreled Into Plains With Deadly Results

New York Times

Apr 6, 2013

As Climate Change Continues, Precipitation Levels Will Increase: A Study

Nature World News

Apr 5, 2013

Greenhouse gases, more moisture in atmosphere could lead to more intense precipitation: study

Canadian Underwriter

Mar 17, 2013

WNC farmers bank on longer growing season

Asheville Citizen-Times

Mar 17, 2013

A Science of Signs of Spring

Wall Street Journal

Feb 22, 2013

Conférence de l’AAAS : des sciences citoyennes aux scientifiques citoyens

International Tech News

Feb 20, 2013

5 Ways to Become a Citizen Climate Scientist

Feb 17, 2013

Citizen scientists can be climate sleuths too

Seattle Times

Jan 17, 2013

Climate Change 2.0: National Assessment Hammers Home Science Findings

Yale Climate Media Forum

Jan 11, 2013

Climate change set to make America hotter, drier and more disaster-prone

The Guardian

Jan 11, 2013

Effects of climate change will be felt more deeply in decades ahead, draft report says

Washington Post

Jan 11, 2013

Climate Shock: Minnesota likely to warm another 5 degrees F by 2050

Minnesota Public Radio

Jan 11, 2013

U.S. Will Be 2-4 Degrees Hotter In Coming Decades, New Climate Report Says


Jan 11, 2013

Massive draft report warns warming is changing life in US

NBC News