Executive Forum on Business and Climate


Delivering a strategic advantage for US businesses

Asheville, North Carolina

June 3–6, 2013

In an era of rising global competition, rapid technological advancement, complex regulations, and widespread market volatility, weather and climate variability and change continues to add another layer of complexity for businesses. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is examining how U.S. businesses can develop a strategic advantage by incorporating weather and climate information for better decision-making. NOAA, through its academic partner, the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites—North Carolina (CICS-NC), has developed an executive forum with NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information that explores the connection between weather and climate information and the industries that not only rely on this data but also are impacted by changes in trends of this data.

The new and groundbreaking Executive Forum on Business and Climate brings together academic researchers, business leaders and federal science experts to examine how recent weather and climate trends are impacting the energy industry. Participants will examine available weather and climate data and information, weather and climate risk implications, impacts to the energy industry in light of recent trends, available tools in the market, the broader climate market and the current state of the regulatory and policy framework.

Through a combination of interactive discussions, case studies, lectures, and scenario-planning activities, participants will gain insights on key elements of using climate information for the industry today — weather and climate information for business and environmental strategy development, operational risk assessment, and competitive advantage opportunities using climate data and information.