Moving from Environmental Data to Resilience:
Forging Public-Private Partnerships in the Energy Sector

14 January 2016 | 1–5 pm | Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center | 859 Convention Center Blvd | New Orleans, LA
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This executive dialogue will be an opportunity for interaction between government, industry and academic leaders about the role of environmental information in fostering greater resilience in the energy sector. NCEI will highlight its diverse data products relevant to the energy industry and encourage industry executives to highlight their needs for climate, ocean and geophysical information. The intention of the dialogue is to foster lines of communication to grow the resilience of the nation’s energy resources and infrastructure.

1:00pm Welcome
Tom Karl, Director, NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Logistics for the Day – Welcome from the Southern Region
David Brown, Southern Regional Climate Services Director, NOAA NCEI

1:10pm Leadership Opening Remarks on Engagement with the Energy Industry
Mark Paese, NOAA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services (NESDIS)


1:25pm NOAA NCEI Products and Services — An Overview of Environmental Information
Moderator: Tom Karl, Director, NOAA NCEI
Mike Tanner, Director, NOAA NCEI Center for Weather and Climate (CWC)
Eric Kihn, Director, NOAA NCEI Center for Coasts, Oceans and Geophysics (CCOG)

Overview of Recent Market Analysis on NCEI Information Use in the Energy Sector
Speaker: John Firth, CEO and Co-Founder, Acclimatise


Advancing Resilience — How Can Environmental Information Drive the Business Case — An Industry Discussion
Moderator: John Firth, CEO and Co-Founder, Acclimatise

  • Cheryl Maletich, Vice President, Distribution System Operations, ComEd
  • Aaron Strickland, Emergency Operations, Georgia Power/Southern Company
  • Kent Mathis, Analytics Manager, JEA
  • Phil Hanser, Principle, The Brattle Group
2:40pm Open Discussion with Panelists and Participants and Summary
Moderator: John Firth, CEO and Co-Founder, Acclimatise

Refreshments will be available at the event thanks to the support of workshop sponsors who are federal contractors. If your employer's ethics rules do not allow you to accept food from a federal contractor, you will be able to pay cash for refreshments on the day of the event.

3:20pm Breakout Discussion (including Introduction and Instructions)
Moderator: Mike Brewer, NOAA NCEI CWC Information Services Division
Breakout Discussion Topics:
  • What is it going to take to advance adaptation and resilience activities by industry?
  • Hear from industry what they can’t “advance” in their context in the area of environmental solutions that they can’t service now, that NCEI data can help facilitate
  • Hear from industry on applied business case opportunities
  • Hear from customers on their interaction or use of NCEI data or service
  • What are your investors or shareholders expecting from you with respect to environmental or climate solutions?
4:15pm Summary of Breakout Discussion
Moderator: Mike Brewer, NOAA NCEI CWC Information Services Division
4:30pm Large Group Discussion – So, What’s Next? Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderator: Dave Brown, NOAA NCEI Southern Regional Climate Services Director
4:50pm Closing Remarks and Thank You
Speaker: Tom Karl, Director, NOAA NCEI