Welcome to the New NCICS Website!

Our new site is intended to better meet the needs of everyone visiting the site and to better reflect our identity as an NC State University research institute. We hope you find the new site useful and informative. If you have any comments, please email us at info@ncics.org.

Looking for CICS-NC?

You are in the right place! NCICS’ primary mission continues to be the operation of the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites–North Carolina (CICS-NC), which supports the missions of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

Previously, we maintained a separate website presence for CICS-NC activities at www.cicsnc.org. In order to provide a more unified view of the Institute’s activities, we have combined our web presence into a single site here at ncics.org. The old www.cicsnc.org URL now automatically redirects to this address. See the CICS-NC page under Programs for more about the mission and activities of CICS-NC.

Website Organization

We hope that the structure of our new site is fairly self-explanatory, but here is a quick overview to help you navigate:

Home Page

The home page presents key information about the Institute, highlighted projects, and a feed of our latest news and Facebook posts.


The About section provides details about the structure of the Institute and links to annual reports detailing past activities.


Our news section includes stories on Institute activities, research highlights describing the latest peer-reviewed research produced by our staff, issues of our Trends newsletter, information on current and past events, and links to media stories featuring the Institute and its staff.


This section provides an overview of the skills and subject matter expertise available at NCICS, and should be of interest for those looking for opportunities for collaboration or seeking subject matter expertise.


Here you will find stories on selected examples of major products, research outcomes, and other Institute accomplishments.


A directory of the Institute’s staff, including biographies and lists of publications and conference presentations.


This section provides access to figures and data sets produced by NCICS.


Information about the Institute’s primary activities and partners.