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Jul 26, 2016


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Carl Schreck

Dr. Carl Schreck joined NCICS in August 2010 after completing his PhD at the University at Albany. He serves as a Senior Research Scholar at…→

Apr 10, 2015

Winter Severity and Frost Depth in a Warming Climate

In many areas of the country, proper building design and construction depend on accurate expectations of how deeply the ground will freeze in the winter.…→

Jan 2, 2021

Warmer Winters May Attract More Pests

Spectrum News 1, Greensboro, NC. Taylor Neuman.→

Aug 2, 2016

Tropical Monitoring

CICS-NC: Tropical Monitoring + Figures Hovmöllers: Select variable Outgoing Longwave Radiation* Zonal Wind Meridional Wind Velocity Potential Stream Function Zonal Shear Shear Magnitude Precipitable Water…→