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Kate Johnson

Dr. Katharine (Kate) Johnson joined NCICS as a Research Associate in geographic information systems (GIS) in October 2019. She is part of the Assessments Technical…→

Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens provides primary scientific and technical expertise for NOAA and the National Climate Assessment (NCA). This includes the development of climate data analysis products,…→

Steven Marcus

Steven Marcus joined NCICS in 2019 as an information technology support specialist, following several years as a government contractor working for NCEI in a system…→

Emma Scott

Emma Scott joined NCICS as a Climate Data Analyst in October of 2019. She is currently working on calculating precipitation extremes and calibrating the High…→

Otis Brown

Dr. Otis Brown is the founding Director of NCICS, where he also serves as the Director of the North Carolina location of NOAA’s Cooperative Institute…→

Anand Inamdar

Dr. Anand Inamdar is a Research Scholar with NCICS. Since joining NCICS in 2010, Dr. Inamdar has worked on several projects, including calibration of the…→

Kenneth Kunkel

Dr. Kenneth Kunkel joined NCICS as a Senior Scientist and Lead Scientist for Assessments, and the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at North…→

Olivier Prat

Since joining NCICS in 2010, Dr. Olivier Prat has worked on quantitative precipitation estimates (QPEs) derived from satellite, radar, and surface observations with a focus…→

Carl Schreck

Dr. Carl Schreck joined NCICS in August 2010 after completing his PhD at the University at Albany. He serves as a Research Scholar at NCICS,…→