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Jan 23, 2018

The Climate Science Special Report and NCA4

The cover of the Climate Science Special Report PDF. On November 3, 2017, the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) released¬†The Climate Science Special Report…→

Oct 11, 2016

Final Report

Home Agenda Biographies Flyer Register Here NCEI Market Analysis Final Report Moving from Environmental Data to Resilience: Forging Public-Private Partnerships in the Energy Sector FINAL…→

Jul 14, 2016

Annual Reports

2019 Highlights 2017–2018 2018 2017 Highlights 2015–2016 2016 2015 Highlights 2015 5-Year Close Out Report 2014 Highlights 2014 2013 Vol. 1 2013 Vol. 2 2012…→

Apr 11, 2019

Precipitation and Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes

New research reveals that the overall risk of a fatal car crash increases by about 34% during precipitation events in the contiguous United States. Compared…→

Mar 28, 2019

Products and Tools

Reports National Climate Assessment Reports The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II (NCA4) [URL] The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume I (CSSR) [URL] The Impacts…→

Mar 28, 2019

What We Do

TSU Teams The TSU provides scientific and technical expertise in support of the development of National Climate Assessments and other reports, as well as related…→