Devanshi Savla

Devanshi Savla

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Devanshi is a graduate with a Master's in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, Raleigh. She joined NCICS as a Climate Data Analyst in June 2024. She specializes in Software Development, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and the intricacies of Data Analysis. Since joining, she has been working on the NCICS monitoring platform for cloud resources.

She has prior experience working at Volvo Group and Walmart in the domain of Software Engineering and Project Management, with a special emphasis on leveraging Python for her projects and automation tasks. Before coming to the United States, Devanshi completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer and Communication Engineering from Manipal University Jaipur in India.

Her achievements include a winning Codehers Coding Competition at country level by Walmart Global Tech and securing top positions in several programming competitions. She also has a research publication on Apple Leaf Disease Detection and Classification Using CNN Models. Beyond the code snippets, she enjoys travelling, dancing, cooking, and stargazing.